Digital Transfer Solutions is a media transfer company that began out of necessity and ultimately started itself.   

Growing up in the 1960’s and 1970’s my family was always taking pictures, mostly 35mm slides, and filming events on 8mm and Super 8 films.  Back then in the days before cable TV and the internet my family would spend many weekends evenings watching these films and slides projected on the wall.  When projector bulbs blew, as they often did, it became increasingly more difficult with each passing year to find replacement bulbs let alone equipment to even project them anymore.  As a result we were eventually unable to watch them anymore.  As time went on I missed watching these memories with my family so I looked into places that transferred such media to a digital format. 

As I researched different companies to have this done I discovered some unsettling things.

 1.  It was very costly!   I had nearly one hundred old 8mm films and literally thousands 35 mm slides dating back to the 1950’s, not to mention various other formats now such as VHS tapes, photos, prints and negatives, all that I wanted to preserve.  To have this done at the prices that I had found would have cost a small fortune. 

2.  Who could I trust? ...In order to have this done I first of all had to send them away and then wait several weeks if not a couple months to get them back.  I was not comfortable trusting my family’s irreplaceable memories with strangers let alone mailing them out and trusting that they would make their way to and from these places.

3. Time was a factor ...I knew that all of these analog formats - films, slides and tapes - were quickly becoming more brittle and vulnerable due to the aging process and with each passing day they were deteriorating, and once they're gone, they're gone...FOREVER!!  That coupled with the fact that even if I would have had access to the equipment needed to view them, it would have been inconvenient to watch them, 

4.  Being a perfectionist, I wanted it done right!  …So with that I decided to do it myself.  I researched the process, invested in the necessary equipment and software, perfected it and began doing it myself as a Christmas gift to my family.  During that time I learned a lot through the mistakes I made, as well as additional research, and upgrading equipment

5.  So, how did it turn into a business?  …As I began sharing what I had done with various family members and close friends who were in the slides and films, word traveled fast and I discovered many others wanted the same but like me didn’t know what to do or where to go.  So I researched what others companies were charging for the same quality of work I was producing and set a price structure that matched or in many cases a lower price.

So if you have these same types of media and would like them done professionally,

1.  at a much more affordable cost

2.  done much faster

3.  but most importantly, done by someone who truly understands the personal value of such memories,

Then I can deliver on all those criteria… and more.